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Cedar Brook Burial Ground pathwayCedar Brook Burial Ground, Inc. is a 2.75-acre, green cemetery on a 150-acre tree farm and the first green cemetery in New England.

The burial sites are nestled among the trees. Light glints through the boughs creating patches of light and shadow. Leaves, moss and wildflowers create a carpet under foot – a beautiful and peaceful place.
Also located on this land is the Joshua Small Cemetery used by the original homesteader from 1812 to late 1800s.

Green burials are not new, but a return to an American tradition. In Cedar Brook Burial Ground one can be buried in a natural fashion which is an environmentally friendly and less costly method of burial.

Cedar Brook Burial Ground, Inc. is green in its natural state. No fertilizers are used. No extensive landscaping will be done to alter the natural landscape.

You will be allowed to choose an available site and to mark your site with a stone from the property.

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